Maritime Medicine Course

MTAC Maritime First Aid Training & Prolonged Field Care

The Maritime Medicine Course covers a large number of issues as a part of the environment of seafaring including the effects of microclimate and macroclimate, noise and vibration aboard ship on seafarers, other work related exposures.


Why Maritime Medicine?

Workers at sea have always been exposed to many dangers. Crews of merchant ships and fishing vessels are exposed to extreme weather conditions, hazards of operating equipment, toxic cargoes and substances used on board, boating accidents such as capsizing and fires, etc. A seafarer’s health can be compromised by noise, vibration, smoke inhalation, and fatigue, to name a few. Maritime medical training may also address injuries and health issues of shipyard workers and dockers. Health-care professionals whose work is connected to maritime occupations would greatly benefit from this course.


Be a Part of the Solution

The chances of workers receiving timely, proper and effective medical treatment at sea are not as good as workers on shore due to the lack of resources and prompt access to qualified medical professionals. This course will enable you to be a part of the solution. Experience hands-on simulations of emergencies at sea, learn about prolonged field care until you can transport your patient to a higher level of care, along with numerous rescue and emergency medical techniques.


It's the Florida Keys!

You can select these maritime medicine courses back to back which will give you evenings and a weekend or two to enjoy the Florida Keys unique ecosystem, activities and nightlife.  Do more diving, a fishing charter,  kayaking & paddleboarding or sightseeing.  The possibility for fun in the Keys is endless and your instructors are a wealth of knowledge for you to go to…they have all spent time in the Keys having fun.

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Why Choose MTAC’s Maritime Medicine Courses?


Our lead instructor for this program has worked directly with military special ops experts that train medicine in austere conditions.

Using a proven method of instruction, that was developed for military special ops in the dive environment.
Experts in this field of austere medicine are brought in to teach the didactic content of these courses.

Learn to dive, enhance your career, earn emergency medical CME, and enjoy the Florida Keys!

Enroll Now

Our Maritme Medicine Courses are listed below with a short description of each class.  Select the training that you are most interested in by clicking on the Book Now button.  This will take you to a more detailed description of the course, course schedules and how to prepare for the course.  You will also be able to select a second course at that time.

Don’t forget – You can use your Maritime Medicine Course experience to earn CME with the Wilderness Medical Society!