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As Capt. Hook’s, we had the opportunity to work with military students in the Uniformed Services University, first providing the dive boat, captain and crew for a Dive Medicine course. This course was taught by dive instructors who worked for Dive Key West, Inc. and medical professionals, associated with Uniformed Services University, all with combat field experience.

Our role at Captain Hook’s expanded when we purchased Dive Key West, Inc, to take our dive business further down the Florida Keys, but as important, to expand it further into a much needed focus of saving lives when accidents occur at sea.

MTAC, Medical Training in Austere Conditions, is a business whose origins come from a core belief that we can get better at saving lives under conditions that are far from perfect if we learn and train with those that have done this in the field and have saved lives. We also understood that this training is not readily available to people in the medical, public health and emergency fields, and we have the formula to bring it to those people who need it.

We have committed ourselves to re-defining “golden hour” which is so critical to saving a life, and we have made the commitment to bring it to as many people as we can to save more lives.

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